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Dukten featured in KillerStartups

We got a message from telling us that a review of Dukten was featured on their site today. KillerStartups is a startups blog and Internet community visited by Entrepreneurs and investors looking for the next big success story.
These are good news and will help more people know the website, please vote for us on KillerStartups website, here is the link:

 Dukten at

The new Official Dukten’s Blog

With this initial post we launch the new Official Dukten’s Blog where we will discuss different topics related to product’s information: e.g.  how products are classified, codes used to identify them (like UPC barcodes), what information may be of interest in a product, etc. It will be our means of communication used to publish news, events and glimpses into Dukten’s evolution.

We have a great mission which consists in becoming the largest source of product information by creating an online database that includes each product available somewhere in the world.

Thanks in advance to Dukten’s users collaboration to this project.