7 interesting facts about barcodes

1.- The first commercial barcode scanning operation took place in 1974 in Troy, Ohio at Marsh’s Supermarket. The item was a Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum.
2.- Contrary to popular belief, the UPC (the most well-known bar code that you find in almost any product), doesn’t contain the price of the product, just a number that identifies the item.
3.- statistically, the typical typist will make one mistake in 300 keystrokes. The chance of a misread bar code symbol is somewhere between one in a million and one in four trillion!
4.- Laser and image scanners work at a speed of about 40 to 200 scans-per-second.
5.- a “light pen” is not the same as a “bar code wand”. The former is a device that is used for drawing directly¬†off the computer screen, the latter is used for scanning bar codes.
6.- UPC barcodes are scanned in only one dimension, so only widths of the bars and spaces matter, not height.
7.- there are over a hundred of different bar code symbologies invented, however, only a half-dozen are used regularly.