Benefits of using barcodes

Every day millions of barcodes are scanned at point of sale systems. Retailers depend on them to improve customer service and lower costs.

Here are some of the benefits of using barcodes:

  • Speeds up checkout process helping retailers to serve customers faster which translates to more sales.
  • Reduce pricing and inventory errors. Human error rate for data entry is one error per 300 characters. Barcode scanners average error rate is one error in 36 trillion characters.
  • Reduce costs. Having UPC barcodes on your merchandise instead of having to price tag every item saves time and reduces handling costs.
  • Faster access to information. Barcodes can help you on better decision making to gain opportunities.

Dukten knows how wonderful barcodes and other product identification systems like RFID are and that’s why we are committed to create the most complete product database on the Internet. Your contribution is really appreciated.